Apr 7

Want to rescue animals? FREE information workshop April 18, 2015

In Animal Welfare we hear many negative things about the kill rate of animals in El Paso’s city shelter. Why can’t El Paso be like Austin? Or San Antonio? They are NO KILL. They have low kill rates. Becoming a low kill city is not just flipping a switch. It’s about having programs in place. [...]

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Mar 15

Ways to help Animal Services shelter animals

Related Document: Suggestions for ways to help the animals in Animal Services (check for update versions) The city Animal Services Shelter will have a Rescue Partner workshop in April to help people interested in becoming a Shelter Partner to take these shelter animals responsibly. More details here soon. Attached above is a document that will give [...]

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Jan 24

Rescue Story: Haven

We were notified by a local Trap, Neuter/Spay, & Return (TNR) advocacy community organization, called Sun City Cats, about a dog seen roaming a desert area off of Dyer & Diana. They spoke to some people who claimed the dog had been there for several weeks. She was very thin and very skittish. She would not [...]

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Jan 24

Rescue Story: Sky & Puppies

On Wednesday, Jan 22, 2015 at night a woman found a dog running across Doniphan in Canutillo, TX. She was able to capture the dog and took her to Howl A Day Inn, a local boarding facility. The facility owner, Melina, immediately began arranging to find the puppies. She contacted El Paso Pets and Cherished K-9 [...]

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Carlos Fernandez - Charged With Animal Cruelty
Dec 12

Local man arrested on two counts of animal cruelty

Update: (03/15/2015) Carlos Fernandez posted his bond last night and was released from jail this morning. Please do not post his address or visit his home. He is not presently living there and the house is occupied by somebody else not related to the acts Carlos is charged with. Neighbors wish for peace in their [...]

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May 19

How To Not Rescue Animals

The dogs and cats at Animal Services may be put to sleep after three days is they have no microchip or tags. After six days if they do have ID. Unless they are adopted or reclaimed by their owner. Sadly many are not.  Some do end up in the Animal Services VIP program where they can [...]

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10329019_774828829203593_6959663125741804610_n (1)
May 12

Rescue story: Frankie & Blü

Erin Renay Barraza spotted this girl (Frankie) on the road and called me to see if I could help. We were able to find her laying under a semi truck in a lot. We tried to lure her out but she was not budging. It took over an hour but we decided to block the area [...]

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Apr 21

Rescue story: Chance

Chance was dumped at the westside dog park in El Paso, TX. He was severely matted and could not really move because of the condition of his fur. He was rescued by a woman named Helen and taken to Fur Pet Salon (6310 N. Mesa, El Paso, TX 79912). Omar Rios, owner of Fur worked [...]

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Apr 8

Dog Fighting Awareness Day: ASPCA Dog Fighting Google+ Hangout

#DogFighting is one of the gravest and most violent forms of #animalcruelty imaginable. It is for this reason that dog fighting is a felony in all 50 states. Today, April 8th is the ASPCA’s Dog Fighting Awareness Day. This day provides an in-depth look at the issue of dog fighting in America, the impact it has on the [...]

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Mar 28

Tails to GO! Pet Services presents classes at the Humane Society of El Paso (April)

From TailstoGO.com Please email us at rsvp@tailstogo.com to reserve your seat. You can also call us at (915) 209-7227. If prompted to leave a message include a phone number with area code, your full name, number of people attending, and what class you wish to attend (date & time). Donations can be made in person [...]

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