Allergies to Your Pet

Many allergies attributed to pets are not from pets at all but are from other allergens like dust or pollen. Be sure an allergy is pet-related before re-homing your pet! This may mean having an allergy test done and having the cat live in temporary housing for a few weeks while you see if allergy symptoms persist. Some pets are more hypo-allergenic than others and some people may be allergic to one cat, while showing no allergy symptoms at all with another.

Consider trying allergy medication or room air filtration systems before re-homing your pet.
There are often ways to work around allergies.

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In some situations, allergies to your pet can be controlled. Be very careful with asthmatic children though, you might need to find your pet a new home rather than risk your child’s health and life, depending of the severity of the allergy. For less serious allergies there are some possible solutions.

First and foremost, is keeping your pet clean. You may be lucky enough to have the kind of dog that has a kinder coat for the allergic, such as a poodle. No matter what kind of pet, keeping him clean and groomed, and keeping your living quarters clean will help. It may be possible to live with an allergic pet by separating the pet from the allergic person, such as never allowing the pet into the allergic person’s bedroom. Check into the vacuum cleaners with the special HEPA filters too, and use them often.

There is also a special product you can use on your pets:

From Noofies (Amazon Link):
Allerpet / D Allerpet-C for cats and Allerpet-D for dogs has helped many allergic friends keep their animals. It’s available at pet stores (sometimes the smaller mom & pop places are better for this than national chains) and at some vet’s offices. It’s a liquid – you moisten a paper towel or washcloth with this liquid and wipe your pet down with it once a week. It neutralizes the allergens on the pet’s skin and fur. It takes about 3 weeks for it to reach peak effectiveness. It’s truly a miracle for some!
[Ed. note: Their site says once a week and the bottle probably does too, but KLynn says: “I’ve seen several articles on this now that say the pet has to be washed/wiped down once a day for it to be effective.  That is because the allergen on cats rebuilds to it’s original level every 24 hours.”
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