Animal Shelter Advisory Committee (ASAC) meeting tonight

What is the ASAC?

Source: El Paso City Government Website states

Duties:  The ASAC shall perform those duties specified in Chapter 823, Texas Health and Safety Code, and applicable state regulations, as from time to time may be amended. In performing the statutory duties, the ASAC shall provide guidance and advice to all of the animal shelters located within the City of El Paso, and when authorized by an Interlocal Agreement, the County of El Paso or other municipalities located within the County of El Paso, regarding compliance by the shelters with the requirements of Chapter 823, Texas Health and Safety Code and applicable state regulations;shall annually prepare and provide written report to the City Council that provides information regarding the performance of the statutorily required duties by the ASAC.

El Paso to become No-Kill City by 2005

In 1999 the City of El Paso, TX signed a resolution that acknowledges that the rates of euthanization of animals “as being one of the highest in the nation”. The resolution stated it’s goal to be a no-kill City by December 31, 2005. Here is the link to that resolution:

Since 2002 the city estimates the have euthanized 237,827 animals.
The city guesses that before 2002 they were killing about 17,000 per year, but actual numbers are not available.

Last week El Paso Inc. reported on this with an article titled “Euthanizations at record high – Animal Services far from city’s ‘no-kill’ goal”
This article goes on to say:

Instead of bringing euthanizations down, the 24,301 animals that El Paso Animal Services put down in fiscal 2012 appears to be the highest number in a 10-year period going back to 2002.


Please attend tonight’s meeting to discuss the failure of our city’s Animal Shelter Advisory Committee. 

There are a lot of important things to be discussed including the vote on my Pet Responsibility Program which I presented to them back in June. Despite the many questions they had at my presentation I was never contacted by those ASAC members to answer their questions. Tonight they feel they are ready to vote on it. Read more about my program below.
Charlie Moreno’s Pet Responsibility Program:

Below is tonight’s agenda. Please attend! Show your support for changes on how our animals are treated in El Paso.