Chaparral, NM Animal Hoarding Case

Hi everyone,

I wanted to post something because it has been weeks since this website has been updated.
It’s been a very difficult two and a half weeks for me and many others involved in the Chaparral Animal Hoarding case.
I have not done any television interviews because I feel it is important for the investigators to not disclose what evidence they may or many not have to the public.
Below is a video of “Reggie”. Reggie was one of the dogs Melina Garos and I rescued from Chaparral. He was not in good shape and was getting worse and worse. I want to thank Melina Garos for showing him lots of love and showing him that not all people are bad. She was devastated that we could not save him, but she did her best to give him a great final two weeks.
God bless you Melina and the staff of Howl-A-Day Inn.