Chaparral, NM Hoarding Case – Pt.1: The Rescue

News videos:

We say good bye to our friend Reggie.

Reggie was emaciated and suffering from pneumonia. He had his right ear bitten off and blood work showed he was suffering from terminal kidney failure.
I contacted the Alamogordo District Attorney’s Office and the Otero County Sheriff’s Dept to notify them and ask them what should be documented.
Dr. Janie Grant documented his condition and administered the euthanization. Carrie Teran, and myself were present for his last moments and held him as he crossed over the rainbow bridge. I took photos and video of his condition before and after.

R.I.P. Reggie.
We love you and will fight for you.

NO ANIMAL CRUELTY CHARGES ARE FILED AS OF YET.     UPDATE: Felix Moriel Charged with 156 counts of Animal Cruelty! Link Here

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