Lost & Found Files: Chloe


Losing a pet can be devastating. Your mind races and thinks about the worst case scenario, but you must stay positive. Don’t wait until your pet goes missing to have a plan in place. Get your pet chipped and keep the info current, get a good collar with up-to-date tags, and best of all, have good photos to make posters and flyers.
The Lost & Found Files are stories submitted by people who have lost their pets have and have successfully found them.
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Case: Chloe

by Macy V.

It all started when we went to our friends house for the 4th of July. They have a husky and an Alaskan Malamute that our dogs like to play with and we went over there to let them play. We let them outside for a few minutes because are the puppies still need to be potty trained and we were letting her have her business. Plus they were all play fighting and we didn’t want them to break anything. they were only outside for a about 10 min when I got a call from a lady saying she has my dog. We went into the backyard and Chloe broke the gate of the hinges.

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When we realized both dogs were gone I asked her which dog she had and it was the puppy. Then we went driving around looking for her for until 1 o’clock in the morning we still couldn’t find her but we couldn’t see anything so decided to wait until morning. When we got home I called home again and I reported her missing. I reported her missing to lost dogs of Texas, and they made me a poster that I posted on the Animal Services Facebook The Lost Dogs of Texas Facebook the Humane Society’s Facebook and I also printed out about 30 copies of the poster and started posting them. I posted them in our vets office , at Animal Services, at the Humane Society, at epcc, and around the neighborhoods within a two mile radius of the last place we saw her.

About 35 minutes after we left the vet’s office we got a call from the Northeast vet clinic saying that they have our dog. When we got there they said that a man came inside and said there was a loose dog in their parking lot and that they went outside to get her and scanned her microchip and called us. I’m not sure how but her collar was missing. Which means she had no tags on. Honestly if it wasn’t for her microchip we probably would have never gotten her back.

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