Idea: Dog Park Rules & Tips

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Hi everyone, this is Charlie Moreno. I originally got involved with animal welfare back in 2007 when I began thinking of how to bring dog parks to El Paso. Since then I’m proud to be part of two full sized dog parks being built in El Paso. Another in the northeast is on the way in 3-4 years at the Northeast Regional Park on McCombs.

I have been working on an idea to help people enjoy their time at the local dog parks. This is a brochure I have designed. This is not affiliated with the City of El Paso but something I hope to meet with the City Parks Department to discuss. I would love to get this approved to be distributed at all the local dog parks.

Send me an email and let me know if you think this is a great idea.

Click on animation to read my brochure and view in Full Screen.
UPDATE: I’m aware that this document is not working correctly. I’ll look into the problem. 

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