Free Dog Behavior & Communication Class March 12, 2014 at 2 pm


I want to thank those that attended the first promoted FREE community class. We had a total of 20 people attend and the library is interested in having more classes soon. I plan on booking more types of classes there as well as other locations across the city. If you are interested in hosting a seminar please contact me at (915) 412-6642 or email me at

Thank you to Fox 92.3 FM (Sargent Preston and Lorraine Austin) for the help promoting the event and having me in the studio to talk about it. Thank you to the El Paso Times and Town Square Media for also helping get the word out.

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ORIGINAL STORY: is providing various classes on dog behavior, pet responsibility, dog park safety, and local and state pet laws as a community awareness program.

Course: Dog Behavior & Communication Class
This class is meant to educate dog owners and parents to understand dog body language, behavior, and communication. Many times a dog will growl before a bite. Many times that growl is the last warning the dog has offered. This class will help you identify common signs and signals of anxiety, excitement, and fear than can escalate to aggressive behavior.
 FREE – Open to the public.  Adults and children over 10 years old preferred.
When: Wed. March 12, 2014 at 2 pm
Location: Richard Burges Branch Library, 9600 Dyer (at Will Ruth), El Paso, TX 79924
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Notice: While this class is open to the general public most of the course material is meant for adults and children over 10 years old. As a courtesy to those in the class we ask that you consider our Child Bite Prevention Classes for younger children. Please contact us for more info on those classes.

This Course Covering the following:
– Signs of Anxiety
— Body Language (Eyes, ears, tails, posture, etc.)
— Displacement Behaviors
— Avoidance Behaviors
– Signs of Arousal
– Aggression and Displays of Aggression
– When A Bite is Imminent
– Signs of a Happy Dog

About The Instructor

charlie-kviaCharlie Moreno first became involved in animal welfare in 2007 when he began an effort to bring adequate dog parks to El Paso. He began pet sitting and dog walking in 2009 and now owns Tails To GO! Pet Services.  He is an animal advocate, rescuer, and has proposed legislation to protect animals and promote responsible pet ownership and educate the community. He is a volunteer with various local rescues.
Charlie is a state certified Animal Control Officer, Presenter for the Doggone Safe! Dog Bite Prevention Program, and has various certifications and continuing education credits and seminar completion hours through ASPCA, U.S. Dept. Homeland Security, and National District Attorneys Association/National Center for Prosecution of Animal Abuse.

Other credentials:


– Pet Professional Guild
– Doggone Safe! Dog Bite Prevention (Presenter)
– Pet Sitters Associates

ASPCA Certified:

– Combating Dogfighting (TX)
– Officer Safety – Dog Bite Prevention
– Investigating Animal Abuse for Law Enforcement (TX)
– Animal Cruelty Crime Scene Investigation[/col_12_inner]

Texas State Health & Safety Department

– Certified Animal Control Officer
– Rabies Control Authority Seminar

U.S. Dept. Homeland Security

– FEMA – Animals in Disaster: Awareness & Preparation