Have you lost your dog?

A lot of times we see rescue animals being said to be “abused”, “neglected”, or “dumped”. While these things do happen from time to time we also have to be reasonable and honest with ourselves. We can’t assume that every dog in the street has been abused or mistreated as we often hear with rescue stories. Many displaced animals show fear and anxiety shortly after becoming lost and mostly due to having cars honk at them, people yell and whistle, chasing, and just unfamiliar sounds and interactions with people. It is our duty to our pets and community to get these animals back home or at least attempt to. And if there is evidence that such type of neglect or abuse did take part, then while complying with the laws we need to make the best decision possible. Sometimes that may mean asking the owners to surrender the animal and placing it for adoption. Otherwise let’s not rehome every animal that is on the streets. Let’s try to get them back to their family so they can return to normalcy.

I have compiled some helpful tips to follow if you have lost your dog.
Please take time to read this:

How to find your lost dog