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Losing a pet can be devastating. Your mind races and thinks about the worst case scenario, but you must stay positive. Don’t wait until your pet goes missing to have a plan in place. Get your pet chipped and keep the info current, get a good collar with up-to-date tags, and best of all, have good photos to make posters and flyers.
The Lost & Found Files are stories submitted by people who have lost their pets have and have successfully found them.
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CASE: Mumay (Pebbles)

by Angela & Mehgan

We, my hubby and his two sisters, just got home from a family night out on Friday, July 5th. When we parked our van, we saw a small dog and we thought it was my “mochi” my white male Maltese, but my mochi has no way out of our house. So when we got a closer look, the dog just jumped into our van, and sat down well behaved.having two dogs of our own, we have a heart for these lost dogs. My sister in law, Queenie, took the first step to knock on the doors in our neighborhood.. But of course.. Nobody claimed her. Then my other sister in law, Marianne and my hubby, wrote my contact info in a piece of paper and posted it on the mailboxes.
We don’t know what to call her and we are battling if she was a pekingese or a shi tzu. Since we have a friend That owns a pekingese, we called the dog “mumay” after my friend’s dog.
When we found her, she was actually well groomed, that’s why we thought she just got out and her owner was just in our neighborhood.
She stayed with us for the night. We waited til the next day, but nobody replied.
The next day, we went to the Paws grooming here in horizon to ask if they have a scanner for micro chip, but they don’t. We saw a “lost dog” flyer there that looks exactly like mumay. We called the number on the flyer but they said they already found their dog. After that, we went to PetSmart. have her scanned, then they they gave us a number to call. I also mentioned that on my post. The owner then called us then they met us at our church.


Mehgan, “Pebbles” original owner answered some questions for ElPasoPets.org: 

I first got Pebbles when I was fifteen. I grew up on a farm and I had always had really big dogs. I told my parents I wanted a small dog and I spent a lot of time researching about all the different kinds of small breeds until I decided that a Shi Tzu was right for me. I got Pebbles when she was 6 weeks old. She was tiny and adorable! I spent a lot of time with Pebbles training her and because of her great personality, she turned out to be a great dog. She even slept with me every night.

Pebbles has always been a wanderer. I lost her several times, because she loved kids and always tried to sneak off if she heard them in the neighborhood. At the time we lived in the lower valley. One of the times I lost her she ended up several miles away in Socorro. I kept my phone number on her collar, so if anyone found her they would return her. But most of the time people would not call. After a couple days she would get away from whoever picked her up and another person would find her and then call me. One time I even rode my horse through our neighborhood looking for her. I was able to find her because I heard her barking. Then some kids in the neighborhood helped me identify which house she was at. We found her tied up in someone’s back yard. Pebbles is very small and this helps her make escapes more easily. Over the years we have put a huge effort into trying to keep her from being able to escape, but when she sees any chance to get out, she takes it.

I moved to San Antonio after I graduated to go to St. Mary’s University. I was at college in early 2011 when my mom received a phone call. A man was asking her very rudely if she wanted her dog back. Confused, she asked what he was talking about. Then he hung up. She had just had Pebbles in the house with her and went to check where she was. Then my mom saw that the maid had opened the gate of the yard that the dogs had access to through the doggie door. Not finding Pebbles, she called the number back. But it was too late and the man would not answer any more. Even my brother tried to call from a different number, but the man would not answer the phone. Because my mom had been with Pebbles only moments before, we believe that this time she was stolen. More than likely she had been on her way out to wonder around, but considering that we have a 14 acre farm, she did not have enough time to leave between being with my mom and my mom having received the phone call. She was most likely out in the field and the man came into our property to get her.

It was very hard to hear the news, especially being so far away. We tried the number several times, but with no luck. Since then I have tried to find her through sites like Craigslist. Once I even went to meet with someone who had a dog that looked a lot like Pebbles. I believed that the man who had taken her, had sold her. I often thought about her and wondered what had happen to her. I hoped that whoever had her would take care of her.
Since I lost Pebbles, I have moved back to El Paso, I got married, and I have a several pets I live with in my home. I have a white German Sheppard I rescued from Animal Control, a calico cat, a parrot and a couple smaller pets like chinchillas.

I was at home eating lunch with my husband, Jaime, when I got a phone call from a 1-800 number. I answered the phone and a lady spoke saying she was from Home Again. My dog and my cat have a Home Again chip, and I immediately thought, where are they? But they were right in my line of sight, so then I wondered if maybe Home Again was calling for a payment. The next thing the lady tells me is, “We found your dog, Pebbles.” “Oh my god,” I said. “Where is she?” I jumped up from my seat to go look for a pen and paper. She gave me the number and I called the people who had her. We left our lunch on the table and went to go meet them so they could give us Pebbles back. My husband had met Pebbles before she went missing. We were both very excited to get her back. I was very nervous thinking about what kind of a state she would be in. Whoever had had her seemed to have taken good care of her, since she was recently groomed. The lady I picked her up from said that her sister had found Pebbles out on East Lake and had wanted to keep her because she was so well behaved. But because they already had dogs and because of apartment policies, they decided they couldn’t keep her. So this woman had been trying to find Pebble’s owner and someone on Facebook suggested checking to see if she had a microchip. Luckily no one had ever changed the information on the chip and they were able to find me.

I was very excited to get Pebbles back. I wondered too if someone else was also missing her. I checked different websites and the newspaper to see if anyone was looking for her. I was not going to give her back to them, but I would have at least told them she was back with me now. However I never did find them. Pebbles is living with me and my husband now. The cat was the one most upset about that, but she was now gotten used to having Pebbles here. My big dog liked her right away, shared his toys with her (he literally brought his toys to her), and he lets her boss him around. Pebbles remembered her name and remembered all of us. She would have been called something else, because I never put her name on her tag. She is the same dog I lost, sassy but very well mannered. There are a couple of things that are different. One, she has a 3 inch scar across her back. Two, she used to love getting a bath and getting groomed. But when I gave her a bath after getting her back, she behaved very well but seemed very, very nervous. She was never nervous before. I think she may have been abused by a groomer. It happens often that groomers are mean to dogs. I hope that after time and effort she will enjoy getting a bath like she used to.

I have always thought that the microchip was really important, but now I am definitely a firm believer in it. My advice to people who’s pet has gone missing or is stolen, is very stop looking or hoping. Keep checking the adds and keep paying for the chip. You never know if the person who has your pet will end up selling him/her or if they will run away.

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