Rescue: Maggie

This is a female boxer we received a message about. She had been living in the desert by Northeast Regional Park on McCombs and Rick Husband Dr.
Neighbors were leaving food and water for her but were not able to catch her. She was not aggressive. Precious Paws Foster Group in El Paso, TX agreed to take her in if we were able to rescue her. I set up a trap and waited. Myself, an volunteer Sherri, the neighborhood, and Trista from Precious Paws kept monitoring the trap. It took two days and nights but after midnight on Tuesday, Aug. 27th Trista called me to tell me the dog was in the trap.
I drove out there to meet her and we checked her condition. She is a very sweet dog and shows no aggression whatsoever. Precious Paws will be having her scanned for a microchip as soon as vet offices open up and we’ll see what our next steps are from there.
UPDATE: Aug. 28 – We have decided to name this girl MAGGIE!
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