“Otero Dog Blog” – One person’s account of a dire situation

Taking in a dog, removing it from a less than optimal situation, can sometimes suggest that the dog itself may be in a less than optimal condition at the time. Yesterday, my husband and I took in one such dog. The unfortunate dog hoarding incident in Chaparral, New Mexico, that broke loose to the public and media a few days prior to our taking in our new dog, was coated in a pile of rumor and speculation to rival the largest of ‘dog bombs,’ and may even have smelled worse, depending on the nature of the gossip. From the volunteers involved in coordination efforts to remove dogs from the situation, to  the locations receiving the dogs, to the official condition of the property and the dogs, to the fate of the dogs–the reality of the situation had become largely unclear.

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  1. you guys did good on the dog, may god bless you