Precious Paws to rescue dogs from hoarding case

Animal Services removed 54 dogs and a cat from an East El Paso home Tuesday after the agency received an anonymous tip about the condition and safety of the animals, officials said Wednesday.

Police and Animal Services officials found the dogs — puppies to adults of various breeds — and cat in a house on the 2700 block of Fierro Drive.

A neighbor reported the house filled with animals and had concerns for their safety. An Animal Services officer went to the house and noticed a strong odor coming from inside, said Hugo Navarro, operations supervisor for Animal Services.

“We got a call about a concern over animals in mid-July. We only saw two animals at the time,” Navarro said. “We did a follow-up and that is when we found out there was quite a bit of animals inside. I think she just got overwhelmed. She was kindhearted, but she just got overwhelmed.”

The owner of the animals gave custody of the dogs and the cat to Animal Services. Most of the dogs were thin but in good condition, said Bernie Page, veterinarian for Animal Services.


Precious Paws has announced they will be rescuing some of these dogs from Animal Services. They are in need of donations. Any donations we receive until August 3rd will benefit Precious Paws Animal Foster Organization. If you have food donations, toys, bowls, or other items that can help please call me, Charlie Moreno at (915) 412-6642 and I will pick up those items for Precious Paws.

We are always looking for permanent homes and foster homes for the many lost and abandoned animals we have in El Paso. If you would like to help please contact us for an application.