Rescue: Massey

A couple of days ago we got a message about a stray dog at Mack Massey and Shamaley GMC.

(The Massey family are great supporters of animal welfare, and have donated money to us to help withSandy’s rescue . We decided to name this pregnant lost girl Massey in their honor.)

The employees had been feeding her for weeks but we not able to catch her. She is pregnant and began digging a den near the highway. This is her story.

I went to go buy a couple of cheeseburgers. No onion! I took a look around. It was a tough location because she could hide in a lot of areas in the car lot, run into the desert, or run into the busy highway. This was probably the worse combination of things that can go wrong. Her companion had been struck by a car and killed between the two dealerships two weeks before.
On top of all this I found that she had made a den inside one of the car ramps they use to display the vehicles. It was concrete over huge boulders. She found a small patch of dirt and dug herself a den. She was close to having her puppies. Getting them out alive would be near impossible unless we torn down the concrete ramp. I need to catch her ASAP.
Both dealerships had called Animal Control and they couldn’t catch her after several attempts. They told the dealership that there was nothing they could do. I was able to contact Loretta Hyde at Animal Rescue League of El Paso.I begged her to let me borrow a trap. Sometimes these organizations don’t have money around to easily replace these costly tools. I offered to leave my driver’s license. She was great and told me I could borrow it. I set a trap but knew it may not work because she was well fed.

We had to get her before she had her puppies. We covered the den because rescuing the puppies would be difficult. We feared there would be snakes, spiders, or that the heat inside would simply kill the puppies. Today Sherri Andrews went to go check on her and saw her. I drive out the and meet with Sherri and Becky Hermosillo and worked on our plan. We saw her after about an hour of looking. She was under an SUV. Watching us. With the help of some Shamaley employees we surrounded the truck where she had crawled under. We used a tarp to create a wall around one side, and baby gate to block the other side. We surrounded the SUV. We remained calm and I managed to get the snare around her neck with my snag pole. We slowly rolled the SUV away while I placed the slip lead on her. WE GOT HER!!!

“Massey” was placed inside the trap and given water, food, and some hugs.
We received permission to keep her inside a locked room with refridgerated air until her new owner, Shelly, could take her home after work. She is now safe, she is comfortable, and she is on her way to a great new life.

We want to thank Mack Massey, Stacey Massey, Shelly, and the employees of Shamaley for their help in rescuing this poor desert dog. We’re glad were able to rescue her before she had her puppies. I don’t think they would have been able to survive in this heat. God speed Massey! We love you!
UPDATE (3 hrs after Massey’s rescue):
Massey has been checked by Dr. Andrea Harwell, D.V.M and says Massey has no ticks, fleas, and no issues that would affect her pregnancy. She expects Massey to give birth in the next few days. She will be vaccinated after she gives birth. Shelly, the Mack Massey employee who now is caring for Massey has also called to let me know she was doing great and was on her way home to her new home.
She will keep me updated.
This baby had a home before we captured her. I wish they were all such great stories. We always need foster and forever homes. Please help if you can. Join our facebook group: Harwell works at Paws N’ Hooves Mobile Vet Services with Dr. Starr. They do great work all over town.
Visit their website here:


UPDATE: Massey has delivered!

Massey gave birth to one puppy on the evening of Friday, June 21st. After about an hour without any others she was rushed to the vet, Dr. Harwell. Dr. Harwell ordered an emergency C-Section and managed to save Massey and FIVE puppies. One unfortunately did not survive. Although one did not make it, it is great news to know that Massey was a in a home with a new  super caring mother who was able to help her. Dr. Harwell said that Massey and the puppies would have surely died if they had not been rescued. Great job to everyone that reported this case and helped rescue our sweet girl Massey!