Rescue: Sandy

ORIGINAL STORY (March 13, 2013):  
Last year I noticed a stray dog by our home. For weeks I tried to catch her but she was afraid of me. I decided to gain her trust by feeding her every day. I later learned that I was not the only one. I met two great ladies by the name of Claudia and Sherri who had also been feeding her as well but were unable to rescue her.

We came to learn Sandy had been seen living out in the desert since at least June of 2012. She had survived wind & rain storms, freezing temperatures, and coyotes for over 9 months. We believe another dog she was traveling with was taken away by animal control or possibly died, leaving Sandy all alone. We believe Sandy was used for breeding and was dumped out there by her owners, therefore very cautious of people.
One day as I walked my own dogs I saw animal control had parked along the street where I had seen here. It had been a while since I had seen her. Sure enough she was there. I begged the animal control officer to give me some time to catch her myself and he said if he got another call he would have to take her in, but he agreed that me catching her would be a better outcome and he preferred I tried.
I was able to borrow a large humane trap from Claudia Todd, a local rescuer and animal advocate herself. A couple of weeks went by but she wouldn’t allow herself to be caught. I spent hours watching her and seeing her patterns. I checked the trap frequently. Many times the bait was missing, but so was she. She always watched me set the trap again in frustration from a distance.
On March 13, 2013 she was finally trapped and rescued. We were able to secure her and walked her to my home and made her feel comfortable inside my garage. I plan on working with her to get her acclimated to my dogs and be part of the family. That will take time.

Day 1: Walk Through

Day 1: Gaining Her Trust

6 Weeks later

Sandy touched our hearts. She was a dream dog. We expected to look for a foster once we got an idea of how much our vet bills would cost. Turns out after some blood work that Sandy was remarkably healthy. I had received several donations so we decided to keep fostering her until we found a good permanent home for her. Well, that was the plan. After several weeks of obedience training, socialization,  counter conditioning, and lots of love and good nutrition Priscilla and I would tear up at the thought of letting her to go another home. We decided Sandy was our new pack member. She gets along great with our dogs and she has been a dream come true for us. She appears to appreciate us and loves her life now. I couldn’t be happier to give her a 2nd chance. We love her so much.


BIG thanks to Stacey and the rest of Mack Massey FIAT (I-10 @ Sunland Park exit 13 El Paso, TX 79922) for their donation today. If you’re in need of a new or used vehicle please support a great group of people at Mack Massey FIAT! Website:

Other great people that have donated: 

Lynn B.
Karla M.
Justine G.
Carolee P.
Lisa G.
Dr. Janie Grant & Staff at Dog, Cat, & Bird Hospital
Thank you.
Charlie Moreno



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