Rescue story: Frankie & Blü

Erin Renay Barraza spotted this girl (Frankie) on the road and called me to see if I could help. We were able to find her laying under a semi truck in a lot. We tried to lure her out but she was not budging. It took over an hour but we decided to block the area with wooden palettes and used the catch pole to help her out. As we were discussing our options we heard one of the men at the lot say they knew where the puppy was. We found “Blü”. She is (as of May 9, 2014) about 8 weeks old and tested negative for heartworm and Ehrlichia.

We posted on Facebook for help and we quickly were able to get her surgery expenses paid for by the help of many donors. THANK YOU ALL THAT SHARED AND DONATED.
That mean that euthanizing was no longer the only option. After seeing her puppy and realizing Frankie was staying on the opposite side to prevent us from finding her baby, we decided we needed to fight for her life and not put her to sleep.
After seeing her temperament, recovery time in the trap, and her baby, we had to try to save them both. Luckily Dr. Janie Ramos and her staff at Dog, Cat & Bird Hospital immediately went into action.

Frankie went into surgery on Sat. May 10, 2014 (the day after being rescued). Her surgery went well.

Blü is being fostered by a staff member at Dog, Cat, & Bird Hospital and is expecting to be ready for adoption after being microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed.

Blü is going to be available for adoption soon. Please email for more info.
Frankie needs a FOSTER or PERMANENT home ASAP. We can’t keep her at the vet clinic very long. She needs to be in a home that can help her heal and promise to continue rehabilitation. If interested please contact us at
UPDATE (07/21/14)
Blu has been adopted out by Precious Paws Rescue.
UPDATE (08/24/14)
Frankie has found a great home! 

Frankie with her new family!

Frankie with her new family








Rescue Video: Frankie’s rescue (Part 01)