Rescue Story: Haven

We were notified by a local Trap, Neuter/Spay, & Return (TNR) advocacy community organization, called Sun City Cats, about a dog seen roaming a desert area off of Dyer & Diana.
They spoke to some people who claimed the dog had been there for several weeks. She was very thin and very skittish. She would not get more than 50 feet from anyone, even joggers not paying attention to her. With the winter storm weather coming today we decided to try to catch her as long everything was in place.
(Notice: We don’t recommend anyone just chase a dog or take an unfamiliar dog to their home.)
We had to be careful not to scare her out of the area and deeper into the desert while making sure not have her run into traffic where she could get injured or killed.

We set up a trap after Great Dane Rescue of El Paso agreed to take her in. Many times the most difficult part of a rescue is finding a place to house the animal. Since El Paso Pets is not a rescue organization or shelter, we can’t just take a lost or stray pet without having arrangements for housing set up. Shortly after seeing the trap we spotted her from about 300 yards checking out the trap and digging around it. It took her about 8 minutes to actually get close to it. Luckily we were able to catch her. I did not want to risk losing the dog if I got her out of the trap we decided to transport her to a safe area while still inside the trap. My car is too small to hold both. Sun City Cats spoke to some people that lived in the area and they agreed to take the dog inside the trap on the bed of their pickup truck to their home garage until Great Dane Rescue could arrive. The observing and trapping took about 4 hours total.

Visit their Facebook page here: If you wish to help then by donating please visit their website here:

Thank you to Sun City Cats & Great Dane Rescue of El Paso.

It’s amazing what can happen when we all work together.