Rescue: Precious Paws rescues 2 in Chaparral, NM


Special thanks to Trista and Dawn from Precious Paws Animal Foster for their quick rescue in Chaparral, NM.

El Paso Dog Park‘s facebook page and the Precious Paws Facebook page received a post from a woman named Noemi who wanted to find homes for two dogs that had been staying in a lot. Myself, Sherri Andrews, Erin Renay Barraza (all local animal advocates) began to make our way out there to help. Trisha and Dawn from Precious Paws also got there and were able to rescue the dogs quickly.
The dogs are now fine and at a foster home until they are found a permanent home. The dogs were not chipped but have  received their first vaccinations.

More about Precious Paws Animal Foster:

Precious Paws started off as Dawn Tuavao and Trista Martin fostering on their own for the Humane Society and became a local rescue in early 2013. They began a Facebook and began getting calls to take dogs in and help with strays so decided to start their own little rescue organization. They recently received their rescue partnership through the city of El Paso and are very excited to take their efforts to the next level. Their next step is to get their 501(c)3 status.

They are always in need of pretty much whatever people don’t need anymore. Many of their expenses are paid for out of pocket. Dawn says “We don’t do this for the money, we just love helping these poor babies”.

If you would like to help by donating money, dog food, or other items to help Precious Paws continue to do their service to our community please contact them.
They are always looking for foster homes for their rescues.
Please contact them below. 
Precious Paws Animal Fosters (on Facebook)
Trista Martin (386) 288- 9655
Dawn Janisko Tuavao (915) 540-4627