Spa for Paws (El Paso, TX) – Pitbulls need homes

URGENT Rescue needed

Both male pits, both neutered, and updated on shots.
Great with people, unsure with other dogs. Seem okay but minor fence fighting because of pent up energy.
These two pit males were boarded at Spa for Paws and never reclaimed. They have been there for 3 weeks.
Owners do not return messages and have moved from address listed on file. Business owners have filed a police report. Copy of police report will accompany paperwork for rescue as documentation of transfer. Any rescues interested in one or both please contact me, Charlie Moreno (915) 412-6642 or Spa For Paws at (915) 584-5469.
Location: El Paso, TX – Spa for Paws Grooming and Boarding
Anyone interested in one of both of these dogs will be required to sign paperwork and submit information for a background check.
Rescues preferred. Transport may be available.